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We work on a lot of these:

Railings & Gates

Railings come in lots of weird shapes and sizes. That's why it's good to work with someone (like us) who is able to build from the ground up and really bring an exterior/interior space together.

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Custom Fireplaces

Nothing says, "I know how to have a good time" more than having your own name on the side of your fire pit.

Want a footrest around the pit? Easy enough. Need a grill too? We have you covered.

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Commercial, Camp & Family Signs

Decorate your office, campsite, or living room with your own custom sign!

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but that doesn't mean our creativity ends there.

Who We Are.

Elite Alloy Concepts came from the idea that if people had an idea but didn’t know how to do it, we would step up and create it to the best of our knowledge. We set high standards to see dreams come true, and to see a client in pure disbelief in making their idea a reality.

Custom Fabricated Metal Staircase Pittsburgh PA
custom metal sign

What We Do.

The concepts that we make have no boundaries or limits. Yes, our specialties are in signs, fireplaces, and railings. That doesn't mean that's all we do. We go above and beyond to make specialty products that other fabrication companies wouldn't dare to attempt.

Have A Project You've Been Putting Off?

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